Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

# 1 How do I change the logo?

Logo and other design elements of the theme of the site is the design elements of the theme of the site. The site may have multiple themes, they are easy to switch. The site comes with a standard default theme. Other themes are developed further, either by us or by the customer. For additional information about changing the logo is here

# 2 How to "zero out" orders?

If we are talking about how to remove orders, payments and other demo data, then:
Installation system
A separate order cannot be deleted. You can put it the status of "Canceled" in the Admin Panel or cancel in the Cabinet.
Logically it would be tantamount to deletion. But his order cannot be deleted (if not impossible) because the order involves a lot of total payments, lots, messaging, comments, etc. and physical removal would violate data integrity and the principle of continuity.

# 3 How to set up payment systems under itself?

In view of the fact that payment systems Setup very muddled, it is best to contact the experts.
In order for us to help set up a payment system, you need:

  • Register in the payment system and fulfill all the necessary conditions imposed by the payment system for receiving payments on the site
  • Let us all necessary credentials of the chosen payment system (passwords, etc. you can then, after successful configuration, change)

However, instructions for configuring stoâtel′noj itself can be explored here:
Setting up payment systems

# 4 Files are here in the Admin Panel on hosting?

To work with files in your site, we strongly recommend that you use FTP in conjunction with FileZilla, etc. is not recommended for these purposes all sorts of Admin Panel, because it easily leads to all sorts of crashes with access rights to files and other problems.
To access files on FTP using Windows Explorer, or professional FileZilla uses the following credentials:
In Windows Explorer, for example, it looks like this:

Attention name of all files should be in the Latin alphabet

# 5 in settings such as changing delivery to Russia 1 100 1.2 you specify for example 1000 to refer to 1 kg? and 1.2 this dollar amount? i.e. originally all need to be in dollars and in choosing Exchange will change huh?

Yes, all the weight is in grams. The amount is in the currency of the currency. If there is a dollar value usd If rur or cny-respectively. All recalculations currencies everywhere are made automatically. Courses can be configured in the admin area.

# 6 Keys usr21068139 8c51f2afb7f882f2ae92fdc56b1392da now offered or they just left and if you delete it or anything?

Not used and I did. You can remove. Just if someone needs to work sklûčami-system knows that.

# 7 discount on products 10-59.99 Yuan-little did not understand what it was about. Explain please. This discount is meant for every position or on the General order of reaching this amount?

On the lot, which falls into the plug. To avoid confusion, the cost of the order is the sum of the value of the lots. And all discounts apply to lots. I.e. If a person has ordered a million lots of cheap goods one-he will not receive the discount. It had formerly been discussed with our customers, we have decided that it is right. If you are not satisfied-write the ticket and you will be able to do as much as you need.

# 8 is it possible to somehow change itself incorrect translation (flowers and other things) on the page with the product?

Yes. For this purpose it is possible to edit the translations on the fly (which is available to administrators and users who have given sootv. Access rights:

# 9 How to add a product to the recommended?

# 10 how to recharge the user manually?

# 11 where to change title, description, keywords main page-specific issue

# 12 how to change the address from which the newsletter comes from the site? the default is support @ domain site. as its put address?

Postal address set here:

Instead support @ {#site_domain} can be entered, such as Natasha @ {#site_domain} or info @ {#site_domain}
But here there is no need to to write such a letter is not going, or necessarily will be spam, because will be sent to another domain-not with
Yes, but you probably wanted to know this question to verify only one your usual mailbox.
To do this, you must create a server admin mail user support and configure forwarding. More information is available here

# 13 I want to be able to open and edit the sitemap.xml file from admin area well and store it after editing

As such, there is no dropšope in sitemap.xml fajlika. But don`t despair-there is everything you need to make the link http:вашсайт.ru/sitemap.xml receive exactly what you need.
In the system settings there are two options.
seo_sitemap_static -The static part of the sitemap.xml
For example:</loc>
is part of the sitemap XML file, which will be added at the beginning. Written by hands, that is just what you need.
seo_sitemap_patern Template for sitemap.xml

-from this template, the system automatically adds the sitemap links to categories, brands and static pages (articles). If the template is delete-nothing will be added.
Finally, you can just put in the root of the site its own sitemap.xml file and is caught it.