Important information

- This webshop DO NOT SELL any goods from Taobao, 1688, tmall, from China, and so on, because this is a demo site .

- This site demonstrates the functionality of - e-commerce platform for taobao agents and other wholesallers of goods from China in English or any other language. You can contact us and get your own dropshop-based complete e-commerce site within 24 hours.

    The main features of ecommerce solution


- all standard webshop functionality (search for products by category and text query, product card, shoping cart, user registration, online payments, order checkout, discounts etc.)

- Product search by photo or image (both by pictures stored on the disk or by the URL a picture in the Internet).

- Product search by URL from taobao .

- Search of all seller products by his nickname (name) or by one of his product.

- Search for exactly the same product from other sellers ;

- Search for similar products ;

- Integrated online payment including support of this providers by default:

Yandex money Yandeks.kassa WebMoney Qiwi LiqPay
PayPal Z-Payment Wallet One Checkout Pay Master OnPay
SuitePay contact visa mastercard MTS

- Custom setting for any delivery and any payment for delivery.

- Unrestricted catalog customization capabilities . Support of any catalog structure, any filters and more.

- Supports any currency, automatic update of exchange rates, adjustable rates based on your specific capabilities to exchange. History of currency exchange rates (in order to fix the price at the time of payment, ordering etc.).

- Support for any languages for the showcase and admin panel. By default including: Russian, English, 汉语, עִבְרִית, Deutsch, Français, Español

- Expert self-training system for determining the pre-weight of products.

- Everything we know about the "white" search engine optimization realized, automated and included by default.

- Custom news, blogs, reviews and comments for anything on any page of the site.

- Pricing based on the flexible, editable calculation formulas, Tou can t ocustomize any prices, commissions, fees, etc. any way you want.

   Control Panel initially focused on the development of comlete dropshipping solution with support of complete cycle of business processes for taobao agent and drop ship. From the product search and checkout to complete logistics support, integrated warehouse solution etc. The control panel allows you to manage and customize all of technical and business processes by implementing the following key features:

- Installation of any relevant access rights to any site features for any users and user groups.

- Management of all parameters of orders, items, users , etc.

- Convenient support for products ordering on the taobao.

- Flexibly and configurable Email alerting system about anything events and changes in orders, lots, etc.

- A full-featured warehousing sustem with support for bar codes , weighing, stickering etc.

- Manage any site content using the built-in CMS functionality.


Regardless of chosen level of service, you allways got the full source code without any restrictions and limitations in functionality.

The source code is essentially free from any protected or encrypted files .

The implementation of the code allows your developers and programmers to make any changes in the functionality of the platform without modifying of the platform core, which is regularly updated by us. For this purpose, in particular, the principles of object-oriented programming used.


We allow you and your programmers to make any necessary changes in the source code .

However, we categorically prohibit the transfer of the source code or it's parts to any third parties who are not related to your site and your programmers. We also strictly forbidden to use the source code of the project or any of its parts in any other developments and projects, except All copyrights reserved and are protected by law. Patent №2015614711

   Prices and levels of service

We offer the following approach to the definition of the cost:

Standard Premium
Price $999 once Call
Support Free Exclusive
Enhancements Free Exclusive

Standard: you pay $999 once at a time. This rate will ensure you a standard service level. All the improvements and complimentary features you need will be implemented for free for you.

VIP We always have the original and even revolutionary ideas not implemented yet. If you believe in abilities and want to get a serious total trade (from $250,000 per month and more), - please contact us! We are always ready to constructively negotiate everything!

And anyway, if you're designing something associated with taobao (Tmall, 1688), and similar solutions - please contact us. Do not waste the time, take advantage of our experience!

In order to get your copy of solution, you just need to contact us .

   Webshops running on platform

   Ordering, questions and contacts

Please contact us :
Skype (text messages only): support_dropshop
Phone: +7 (978) 0800788

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